Second Amendment

Government should not arbitrarily decide how we exercise our right to protect ourselves but rather should only affirm the rights we do have.

The Second Amendment affirms a natural right, and it’s very existence allows us the freedoms many other countries do not have, far reaching freedoms that benefit everyone – even those that disagree on the issue.

Proposed gun control, such as expanding background checks and restrictions on common firearms such as the AR-15 would not only be ineffective, but would do more harm than good, forcing decent people to choose between complying with a law that erodes their rights or risk becoming a criminal due to noncompliance.  Not only this, but once the laws are applied and proven ineffective, it would provide precedent and ‘justification’ to implement even more restrictive laws.

However, there are things that can be done to reduce gun violence, which of course would support, the most effective being the enforcement of current laws.