Matthew Swenson for MN House 57a

When I discovered that my State Representative was originally listed as a co-author of gun ban bill HF 3022, I decided to run for office. Although gun rights are a vitally important foundation on which many other freedoms rest, this is not the only reason I’m running. It’s becoming ever apparent our freedoms are being challenged on a daily basis, and true tolerance is hard to find on the political landscape. Under the law, we must give everyone the freedom to act, speak, worship as they chose, regardless of our own moral convictions, as long as it doesn’t hinder another person’s freedom to do the same.

About Me

I was born right here in Minnesota, but spent much of my childhood in the UK.  After moving back to the US, I settled in Apple Valley in 2007 and have lived here since. I’m well traveled, which included spending a year teaching English in Romania in the late 90’s (seeing
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Second Amendment

Government should not arbitrarily decide how we exercise our right to protect ourselves but rather should only affirm the rights we do have. The Second Amendment affirms a natural right, and it’s very existence allows us the freedoms many other countries do not have, far reaching freedoms that benefit everyone – even those that disagree on the issue. Proposed gun
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I support the rights of everyone, including unborn children.  I believe that the best way forward is to change hearts.  There are many nongovernmental organizations doing great work, and this is where we can see the most change. Regarding legislation, it’s important to understand that there are people on both sides of the issue, and ensuring we do not have
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Legalization of Cannabis

We need to end our forced consent of the prosecution of nonviolent drug crime. What our taxes pay for should reflect who we are. Almost no one would report a nonviolent drug offense to the police, so why should we pay the police enforce them through our taxes? I don’t smoke cannabis and I don’t think everyone should smoke cannabis. 
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